Snippets about Harris

  • Did you know that some of the scenes from the film 2008 A Space Odyssey were filmed on the Isle of Harris?

Harris Beach ViewThe east coast is isolated and has some of the oldest rocks in the world, being dated around three thousand million years old. Tinted shots of parts of the island were used by Stanley Kubrick as the surface of Jupiter in the film. When Bowman leaves the Discovery, it's Harris he is walking on!  Quite ironic that a monolith features greatly in this movie as both Lewis and Harris have their own ancient standing stones.

 In contrast the west coast boasts the finest beaches in the UK with miles of white sand.


  • According to the Guardian, one travel guide even advertised a beach in Thailand using a photograph of the Hebrides! Shades of turquoise, blue and green sparkling clear sea against glimmering white sand and the pale shadow of distant mountains, this is indeed Harris.

  • Ben Fogle found fame on uninhabited offshore Isle of Taransay, he is quoted in the Telegraph as saying "Eleven years ago, I fell head over heels in love. Not with a person, but with the wild, exciting, beautiful island of Taransay. The talc-white sandy beaches and the turquoise waters were more striking than any Carribbean or Pacific island I have visited."

  • The German Scientist Gerhard Zucker came to Harris to develop Rocket Mail.  Firing rockets across from Tarbert to Scarp,  was he a German spy, mad scientist, or conman?  Read more of the fascinating story on how Gerhard came to the island, here: